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Using her Amazonian vocal skills, Shannon Farnon can create a personalized voice message from Wonder Woman just for you!

  • Voice Mail or Answering Machine Greetings

  • Birthday Wishes

  • Congratulatory Messages

  • Special Occasions

  • And More!

Pricing Details

Have a personalized greeting on your voice mail or answering machine
voiced by Shannon, as Wonder Woman.

30-second voice message for $75

Listen to samples:

SuperFriends Emergency: [Name] isn't answering the phone

Hypnotized Wonder Woman is forced to take the caller's message

Your car payment is eight weeks overdue

Wonder Woman here to wish you a happy birthday

Receive as an mp3 file in your email or a CD via USPS Priority Mail (postage rates will apply).

ShannonFarnon.com offers FREE scriptwriting services and SuperFriends sound effects to add more Wonder to your recording.

Do you want a longer personalized message?

Listen to this sample:

Roast your boss at company party

ShannonFarnon.com will quote a price, based on the length of the material, within 5 business days.

Would you like a professional voice on your business or personal outgoing message?


Medical Center demo

Law Offices demo

Residence demo

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All recordings are copyright Shannon Farnon, all rights reserved. Voice Mail recording is strictly for the recipient's personal use. It may not be duplicated, posted online, or broadcast without written permission from ShannonFarnon.com.
Script material deemed inappropriate by ShannonFarnon.com will be rejected.

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